minha viagem

I hope that it does mean “my journey”.

It’s portuguese, and I like how the language sounds, and I think that is what I want to capture in this blog. My journey. Literally – in many different meanings of the word.

To go not so far back, the first journey started when I was 16 and started high school. At that time, the journey was from the suburb of Jakarta to the very hip/ghettoish/central area of Jakarta where my high school is located. It was a nice kind of surprise, and during those 4 years of high school – life was good.

6 thoughts on “minha viagem

  1. Hello Nena
    how are you? how is it going life in Indonesia?

    By the way, have you received our postcard?

    Yes, ‘minha viagem’ means ‘my journey’ or ‘my trip’. However, in Brazil ‘minha viagem’ as a slang means ‘I’m high’ or ‘I’m having a nice trip’, after you use some drugs…

    Anyway, my life is a mess now, and I hope in few days I will organize it…

    have nice time Nena!

  2. @kiki : hai kiki!!! hehe, iyaa.. baru mulai nge blog reguler… aku juga udah mampir.. aku link juga yaaa…

    @fabio : is it organized yet? 🙂 hope you’re alive and kicking now..
    I received the post card, thank you! was a very pleasant surprise. maybe you can give me your address?

  3. Hi Nena, baru nemu nih… pas lg walking2 di creative teacher, liat2 comments…. eh, kayaknya ada yg kenal nih…he..he.. Mampir dehke ‘minha vaigem’… baca2, it’s nice Nena 🙂 Saya boleh link ya… Nice to meet you 🙂

  4. Hi Nena, salam kenal ya, aku Pandu, masih smp, ngeblog-nya masih “belang bentong” “arek moal”

    mudah2an kak nena mau membimbing,
    makasih yah kak.
    Tulisannya bagus, inspiratif, dan bikin “envy”

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