(Slightly) Changed Me

Welcome again to the blog, me! It’s been a little bit over a year since the last time I posted, and I apologize for that — mostly to myself, haha. 

This past year was indeed full of things. A little bit too full, perhaps. And that is why the writing had to be put on hold, because I was abit  too emotionally tired to have to rake my brain and put things into writing… That part is a long story, but I’ll share some of that along the way…

So, back to the (slightly) changed me. I recently decided to cover myself more (ha!) with a kerudung. It started out as an experiment – just to see whether I’d feel comfortable with that or not. But it turned out to be quite alright. Plus I got the opportunity to shop for my wardrobe! 😆😆😆

At first I was concerned about how it would change the way I live my daily life, like how much time I’d spend to get ready, how complicated it’d be to go from one place to another, or how practical it would be to travel with it. But although it did take me a little bit longer to put the kerudung on special occasions (such as wedding or party), it didn’t change much of my daily life. Ei, on the other hand, was not too worried about the practicality. He was mostly concerned about how comfortable I’d be in my own (new) skin. He mentioned several times about taking it slow, and not wear it everyday if I don’t feel like it. He also stated that he’s okay if I still don’t put it on religiously, because we both understand that it’s indeed a process.

A process that’s made more smoothly because I have an understanding husband, and I live in a society that accepts wearing kerudung as a normalcy and that provides options to dress up religiously in various degree of “religiousity” and “fashionability”. And I like that. 

I’m not trying to impress anyone by covering my head on a daily basis, or try to follow the hijab trend, or be more religiously righteous than anyone else. I’m still me – talkative, and outspoken, and loving shopping as I’ve always been. I still read the same books and go to the same malls. I still treat and teach my daughters the same way – and how I looovee that they have no judgment nor any slight surprise to see me wearing kerudung (they never ask why I don’t or do put on kerudung). I’m still me. I just put on something else on my head other than my usual head band. 😊

So, this is me! 


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