Ramadhan day 2: what are you really good at?

Today’s highlight was a surprise visit from a dear friend, Rassi. She dropped by at our place after she ran her errands at a nearby hospital and spent some an-hour-and-a-half with me and Triya – chit-chatting about this and that and everything in between. As every conversation is with her, this one left me pondering upon one question that I seem to receive quite a lot this past two weeks. What are you really good at?

Being a freelancer, I was suppose to know the answer to this very well, right? But, no. It took me some time to answer, and even the answer left me feeling slightly insecure, slightly optimistic, and slightly motivated. Why? Because the truth is I don’t think I’m really that good at what I answered the question with.

I mean, what am I really good at? Being a mom is still a questionable answer.

Then I thought about being a strategist. But that one also still needs some acknowledgement. Plus, I consider myself lacking a creative dimension in my thoughts, which I think makes me a less-good strategist. Because in this era of creative economy, one must apply creativity in everything one’s doing, mustn’t one?

So I moved on to the next possible answer: a wife. Then I remember that I don’t cook really well, despite my superb attention to organizing and cleaning the house. Oh, and I don’t make Ei breakfast in bed every weekend. We’d both rather drive to our favorite bubur ayam stall. 😀

On to the next one, I thought about a team-member/team-organizing. Because if there’s one thing I realize after freelancing for 2.5 years is that I think I work better in team. I feel motivated in team, and I feel that I can motivate the other members too. I like working alongside people – the chat, the discussion, the brainstorming, the inside joke, the boring anecdotes that somehow is always exciting. To be honest, that’s what I miss the most about working in an office – instead of at a desk in the study at the luxury of my own house.

After carefully pondering about all the possible answers, I decided on two things that I decided I will be good at. And those two are strategizing & organizing/managing team. At this point, I don’t think I’m really good at it, but I’ve decided that I will be good at it. It may take some time, and some errors, and some failures, but it’s decided. I am going to be really good on those two things, not because I know I am, but because I know I will be. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Ramadhan day 2: what are you really good at?

  1. Nena, baca2 blog mu sungguh remind me of someone; myself. Ha! I am not surprised because we were both born under the same stars, same date 😀

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