A Note to Bebeb – on her 37th week

Dear Bebeb,

When I first heard the song “I knew I loved you before I met you” from Savage Garden, I thought, “This has got to be the biggest b**lsh*t anyone could ever say to someone…”.  I mean, really, how could you know you’d love someone before you even met them?

But then, Bebeb, you happened. And now I know that you really could know you’d love someone before you even met them.

Dear Bebeb,

in just days, you will hopefully be brought by His will, into this world. It’s one crazy world, Bebeb, but it is also one heck of a beautiful one. Be prepared, my Bebeb.

I know I haven’t been the role-model mom-to-be. I didn’t keep track of your growth through my blog, nor a scrapbook, nor through emails like the Google Chrome ad. I didn’t start going to a pregnancy class until only last week. I haven’t been exercising as much as I should. But believe you me, Bebeb, I’m doing my best to welcome you.

I do exercise my breathing – although not too diligently. I also walk regularly – although not as often as I should. I do some stretching and some yoga – although only occasionally. But, hopefully more importantly, I’m embracing you fully with my heart and soul.

It’s hard to explain, really. It feels like I’m very ready to welcome you, Bebeb. Some may expect that I’d be afraid, but thanks to you (at least until now…), I feel no fear. I don’t think I feel any anxiety, either, and I think maybe that’s because I believe in you and me, Bebeb. And if He’s willing, we will be.

I don’t know what’s going to happen. But I know that we’ll make it through – both of us. I know your dad-to-be will also be there to make sure that we’ll make it through. Ya kan, Bebeb?

Dear Bebeb,

In just days, you will hopefully be brought by His will, into this world. And into my arms and your daddy’s arms. Everyone will be wanting to touch you, to hold you, to kiss you – everyone has been showering you with love even from now, Bebeb. You’re one loved child, that I know. So be strong, Bebeb, there is a whole world full of love and hope waiting for you to arrive.

And there are two happiest people – with bottomless love and hope – waiting for you to arrive. So be strong, Bebeb.



14 thoughts on “A Note to Bebeb – on her 37th week

  1. Haaaa, semogaa lancar sampai kelahiran ya..
    Semoga ibu dan bebeb sehat selalu, sekarang dan nantii..
    *pelukkkk, eh gak muat yak, ketahan peyut!

  2. Bebes is one lucky little kiddo. Beyonce’s kid may got her mom’s fabulousity but no one can beat Bebeb for having one uber-cool mom and an awesome dad. I truly believe that you will be a great mother, Nena, the one that Bebeb will proudly parade in front of her friends when she’s a bit older and in full realization of how much love she has in her life.

    I pray that the Almighty grant u strength and serenity during the labor process and I pray that the little one will come out healthy and happy.



  3. To say “I like this posting” would be an understatement! I loooveee it! They say God wanted to show the world how much He could love, so He created mothers. And He has created you for Bebeb. Take good care, sweet.

  4. dear mama,

    so please … walk as much as you should.. exercise as often as you should .. hihihi
    aahh nenaaa, aku tahu perasaan diminggu-minggu terakhir.

    Be strong, mama and bebeb …
    Tante bola dan abang Hugo menunggu mu bebeb

    :* cium perut

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