Batam Kuliner | Smiling Hill Pool Club House

A long overdue post, but here it is!

On my birthday, Ei took me to one of the (quite) nicest restaurant I’ve ever been to in Batam. It’s nice because it’s very laid back and located in the most improbable place. The Smiling Hill Pool Club House is actually a restaurant in the swimming pool of a very dodgy housing complex in Bukit Senyum area of Batam. The dining area is divided into two – by the pool and on the club house that’s located 1-story above the pool and overlooking it. It’s lush, it’s relaxing, it’s well-maintained, it’s something that you’d expect to find in Bali instead of in Batam.

The menu consists of mostly western dishes – hamburgers, steak, sandwiches, and some Indonesian specialties – nasi goreng, mi goreng, sop buntut. The taste? Not bad at all. I have only tried the steak and the hamburgers and both are to-come-back for! I particularly love the hamburger because the beef patty is very juicy and tasty, it has a good layer of vegetables, caramelized onion, and a thick layer of cheese. You can have a slice of bacon with it, but if you prefer halal meat then you can replace the bacon strips with a sunny-side up egg. YUM!!

Here’s some pictures, along with my personal review. (pardon me the quality, it was taken with a phone… πŸ˜€ )

6 thoughts on “Batam Kuliner | Smiling Hill Pool Club House

  1. hampir 8 thn di batam baru pernah denger resto ini…the food looks great.
    boleh tahu gak harga hamburgernya? thank you yah..

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