Happy 27th Birthday, Nena!

Happy birthday, Nena!

Today you turned 27. A good age, I’d say. You’re no longer that young, but not that old yet. You can still pull off some stupid pranks that young people do, and could go to some wine-tasting event that older people do.

Today you realized that you’ve done quite well in life. Not extraordinary, but you’ve done alright. You’ve had your full share of 19-years of studying, and you enjoyed every step of the way.

You remember that you were always the biggest in your class all the way to 4th grade when all the boys started to grow bigger than you. You liked to be the most prominent and to be the center of attention, just like any 10-years-old would. You enjoyed bossing people around and thus you were always chosen to stand in front of the line, in front of the class, telling people what to do, and it was always like that since elementary and throughout college.

You freaked out when you had to go abroad, to the land of uncertainty and surprise, but you always know that it’d be alright.. Like the Norwegian says, det humper og går… It humps and it goes – you find road blocks, but you’re still going. You felt alone, you understood nothing, but, well… det humper og går… Perhaps that the one thing that you keep in your head throughout these 27 years, and brought you here. You realize that life has different sh*t in store for each and everyone of us, but in the end, we all go pass it. So, well… det humper og går… 🙂

Two months ago you left a job that you loved so much. One and a half months ago you got married. One month and 1 week ago you moved out of the city that you loved so much, and find yourself in, in the words of Unspun, the god-forsaken city of Batam.

But then, as you go, you find joy in waking up late in the morning to then boil the water, make yourself a cup of coffee, and prepare breakfast for Ei. You find peace in baking muffins and banana bread and experiencing with new recipes. You find fun in planning for lunch and dinner and what to cook. You find some sort of enjoyment in cleaning the house, doing the dishes, and rearranging the books. You’re content with the new settings. Stay content with what you have…

In addition to that, you started doing something that you love to do again. Even from afar, you know that it is gratifying for you to know that there is still something that you can contribute to others. And that is one feeling that you like a lot. If you could, you should find other things that fulfill your need of that feeling, and cultivate it. Remember the feeling you always have at the end of the orientation camp – the fulfillment, the hope, the optimism, the gratitude. Try to always find things to do that yield that feeling.

Last but not least, keep lots of love and smile with you, whenever and wherever you are. God knows that the only way you could compensate for your jokes and arrogance is by smiling and loving.

Happy birthday Nena. May you live a blessful and blissful life, both for you and others.

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