11:21 pm. Everything looks the same here, but it doesn’t feel the same. A big chunk of me is still left somewhere between Taman Alfa and Belitung 3/8. It may take time, and we all know all of us will survive this. It’s just not that easy.

This, again, reminds me of Agnes Monica’s song. “Karena ku sanggup, walaupun tak mau..” I don’t want to, but as Unspun says, “Life is such that you have to leave us for Batam (!)”

Yes, my dearest friends, life is such. But we’ll make the best of it, no? And, quoting Dini, “..friends keep each other close to their heart even when one of them leave to the most undesired place (like Batam)”.

You guys are already so close to my heart…
Thank you for one of the most wonderful ride of my life…
I’ll be around!

*dedicated to all my dear friends at Maverick upon my ‘indefinite temporary’ leave to a wedded life – Hanny, Nia, Ong, mbak Lita, mbak Eva, Shilla, Teph, Dini, Sharon, Dhina, Dita, Lesley, Adis, Ignes, Cipluk, Tissa, Dody, Surya, mas Awie, Jonte, Nanath, Agnes, Ninit, Fahrur, bang Zae, Gingun, Andri, Daniel, ko Herry, mbak Yully.

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