At times…

At times, I look back and ask, how has my life been?

Does it make people envy me when they browse through my life? Have I make enough people happy? Have I contributed enough? Have I left mark in people’s life? Have I lived? Have I had a good life?

Do I need to share more? Do I need to give more? Do I create enough? Do I think enough? Do I love enough, laugh enough, live enough?

Should I travel more? Should I read more? Should I bake more? Should I start gardening? Should I discuss more? Should I stay more quiet? Should I be louder? Should I love more?

What say you?

8 thoughts on “At times…

  1. eva says:

    People don’t need to know your life to envy you. People can take one look at you and they would envy you: your energy, your positivity, and how you are liked and loved by so many.

  2. titiw says:

    Just be loved if you want to be loved.. And be grateful.. that’s the key of happiness my friend, because you create it, not seek for it.. *hugs* 🙂

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