At times…

At times, I look back and ask, how has my life been?

Does it make people envy me when they browse through my life? Have I make enough people happy? Have I contributed enough? Have I left mark in people’s life? Have I lived? Have I had a good life?

Do I need to share more? Do I need to give more? Do I create enough? Do I think enough? Do I love enough, laugh enough, live enough?

Should I travel more? Should I read more? Should I bake more? Should I start gardening? Should I discuss more? Should I stay more quiet? Should I be louder? Should I love more?

What say you?

8 thoughts on “At times…

  1. People don’t need to know your life to envy you. People can take one look at you and they would envy you: your energy, your positivity, and how you are liked and loved by so many.

  2. Just be loved if you want to be loved.. And be grateful.. that’s the key of happiness my friend, because you create it, not seek for it.. *hugs* 🙂

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