Kitchenette: a mini review

If you live in Jakarta, one way or another, you may have heard of Kichenette. It’s a restaurant, yes. And it’s the latest it place in Jakarta, brought to you by Ismaya who’s famous for redefining dining and hanging out in Jakarta. Ismaya’s projects include Social House, Blowfish, Puro, Sushigroove and many others. Some say that Ismaya’s projects are usually a one-hit wonder – which may be true.  And, today, Kichenette’s the new wonder – so I thought I should give it a try.

While I was queuing with my Teph, I bumped into an old friend who was just on his way out, and the above sentence was what he told me. I was instantly discouraged, but the pretty place is right in front of me, and I thought – what the h*ck… 🙂 So, in we went, after a solid 20 minutes standing and waiting.

After we sat and we started ordering food. The menu is supercute!! It’s only one carton page – 2-sided, one for the appetizer and main course, and another for the beverage & crepes (both salty & sweet crepes). What we ordered were two things, both you can see below. 🙂

The taste was quite okay, but we think both were too greasy and just too “full”. The portion was big enough for 2 ‘small’ girls like us, so we ended up very full after we finished 3/4 of our meal…

For dessert, we ordered crepes, which we agreed that it tasted good! The crepe was perfectly thin but also chewy, it’s sweet enough to enhance the taste of the filling & the sauce but not too sweet that it would disturb the whole taste. It was definitely the best meal we had there!

What about you? Have you been there? What do you think is the best food there?

One thought on “Kitchenette: a mini review

  1. Claudette crepe is the best crepe I’ve tried so far. The Roast chicken is too salty but otherwise is good and tender. The Chai Latte and Green Tea Latte are wonderful,but not any of the fruit elixir is good enough for me.

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