iPhone apps fail to launch – here’s how I fix it

So, this has been a problem that I have been having for the past couple of months. All the additional apps on my iPhone won’t launch. The ones that come by default with the iPhone are okay. I can browse with Safari and take picture and all – but the other won’t launch. Every time I tap on it – it will look as if it will launch, but one second after that I am back on the home screen.

Perhaps this is because my phone is unlocked and is jail-broken (:D). I don’t know exactly. But if you google “iPhone apps won’t launch” you’ll get LOTS of result. Which means that many people are having trouble with this. Some suggested to do a soft-reset, some suggested to uninstall and app and install it back again.

Soft reset never works for me. What works for me is to simply connect it to iTunes and sync it. And then every thing works fine. Some times I have to uninstall an app, and then connect it and install it again. From some forums I’ve been reading, some times it doesn’t work but some times it works. So go give it a try if you’re also having this problem.

Fyi, my iPhone is now running on 3.1.2 and the iTunes is 9.0.3.

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