@antitheistangie and the “freedom” of speech

I came across this article while browsing kompas.com. And just like the sub-header said, I was rather outraged after i finished reading it.

I then opened her twitter account, @antitheistangie. Her short bio says that she is “the Gwen Stefani of atheism on YouTube, user AngieAntiTheist” – which I think is kind of cool and outstanding. One thing that crossed my mind was , wow, she really has some guts. (I myself can never see me stating that).

Reading over her tweets, and the article from Kompas, gives me a sort of a heart break. She’s a mom of a 4-years old, 27, and decided to do an abortion to her 3-weeks old pregnancy. Since apparently abortion is a BIG thing, so she shared it. She just did what the rest of us do: blogging, tweeting, and YouTubing. Then America got upset and started calling her wh**e and condemn her and her son. She even received several death threats and now she’s got FBI watching over her house for precaution.

I know that abortion is something that will always be in the gray area – regarding whether we should be pro- of con- of it. But, for me, the decision lies on the mother-to-be(or not-to-be). But abortion is not exactly a public decision, now, is that? And, quoting from one of the tweets that she retweeted, some people call themselves pro-life, but saying that she and her son should die a horrible death. I mean, what the?!!

I don’t know her, and seeing her and what she portrays herself as may not instantly make you love her. She openly admits that she is atheist, bisexual, and she just recorded herself right after she took the abortion pill. I could understand if some people dislike her immediately (perhaps because she is everything that’s wrong about this world). But I could also see many like her for being who she is, for standing for what she believes is right, and for being honest about her feelings and her beliefs. And I think people should respect her more.

Many are doing it. Abortion, tweeting, blogging, YouTubing. But some do get higher – and sometimes worse – scale of attention and publicity. People react very strongly towards Angie Jackson, for example. American people, more particularly. All this while we say that America is the beacon of democracy, but respecting others’ choice and others’ opinion is perhaps not a part of democracy as we know it.

*written in a haste, in an unstructured emotion.

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