Kaleidoscope 2009

As everyone else (probably) does, I am thankful for this year. All in all, it’s been a great year – perhaps better than the year before. The experiences, the journeys, the lessons, the people have been amazing.

In order not to forget what to be grateful for this year, here’s a kaleidoscope of what happened in 2009.

This year started out beautifully with a snowy winter evening in Trondheim, following an 8 hours-train-journey from Bodø. With good old friends and some new friends, a glass of wine was rather proper to welcome 2009.

Trondheim, it’s lovely winter (short) days and its 60cm-thick snow was indeed a great place to start off your year. Funny moments with Alva and Lemon complemented it. And great warm memories of Christmas with my other set of family the year before. Nothing beats that…

The first quarter of 2009 was record-breaking. In terms of tripping. I went to 6 different countries during that period: Norway, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Finland. All of them were great trips, perfect companion, not quite the perfect season, but hey, what makes a journey wonderful is the people who are in it. So I have no complain…

After a very busy months earlier this year, I settle back down in my little room in Linköping. Finishing my thesis, back to baking and cooking, welcoming spring with lots of BBQ and fika! It was the time when I felt in between – of staying longer in Link, or going back home earlier. The decision was not final until I heard of the accident that happened to my brother. That was when I decided to go home earlier, and finish my thesis at home instead.

Early May I came back home. Still feeling half-half. I wasn’t sure if this was the right decision, but it was the decision that I took – so it has to be right. I lived a floating heart and life for about a month. Now knowing exactly what to do and what to feel. Things were rather awkward at home. But gradually my brother is getting better and getting back to his old self. So an equilibrium was nearing.

June was better. Things were better. I started doing some freelance work, translating and interpreting, and had a good time. But then I thought, what good is my master degree if I don’t utilize it to the fullest? So I had two choices: back to campus and start lecturing, or apply for a “usual” job in a company. I opted for the second one.

I remembered applying to three companies: Nielsen, Maverick, and Unilever. The latter one never called, hehe. Perhaps to my advantage? 😉 So I was being interviewed by the other two, and decided to go for Maverick because I think I fell in like with it at the first (out of two) interview. So, here we go!!

End of June I started working full time for the first time in my life. Exciting, and yet tiring. It takes some getting used to after 25 years of regular irregularity. Then you have to wake up early every morning from Monday to Friday. After a couple of months – I was very grateful everytime Friday comes. Just like every other working people out there.

Post-June, the days went faster. Now it has been six months since I joined Maverick, and am still enjoying my work as much as I did in the beginning. The love hasn’t dwindle.. And I am grateful for that. The little room, my desk, the people who sit around me. Loving them all. Some people do not enjoy coming to work – and I am awfully grateful that I do enjoy coming to work. Every day. *a rather weird feeling, because I never though I’d enjoy regularity this much*

Just like the first quarter, the last quarter of this year was also record breaking. In terms of writing. I write more that I had ever done these past months than my entire life before that! And I actually enjoy writing now! Having a blog is one thing that makes me enjoy it more – knowing that some people are reading it, some leave comment, some discuss about it. It feels like I have a tiny contribution to the world. Albeit online world.

So, this year’s nearing the edge. Tomorrow is the last day of this year. And the second first day of next year. The end of this year is also marked by a possibly life-changing decision still yet to be seen through. Perhaps will be decided tonight. Perhaps will be followed by many other decisions related to that. But we’ll see about that. Wish me luck on that, by the way.

So, this year’s coming to a closure. But our stories may not yet come to a closure. Perhaps even still a very very long way to it. But, nevertheless, I have to say thank you 2009. For all the experiences, the journeys, the lessons, the people, who have been more than amazing to me.

See you in 2010. Wishing us all an even more wondrous year ahead.

2 thoughts on “Kaleidoscope 2009

  1. wah, seru banget tahunnya, apalagi pas awal-awal. I’ve an obsession experiencing winter in europe, wearing winter coat and dancing in the snow, hehehe

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