The Length of The Past

…a contemplation on the verge of 2009…

One question just popped again when I was writing a final paper on one of my course module. How long actually is the Past? As in, how far would/could your Past go along with you through the Present, and perhaps even the Future? And, how real is the Past? What made it so real?
Someone once told me that you create your Past based on your present need.. So, the Past is actually very much self-made, no? It is virtually nonexistent, right? How come it matters so much?

According to wikipedia (haha), the past is the portion of time that has already occurred. It is the opposite of future. And according to presentism, the past does not strictly exists. Well, I guess that kind of makes me a presentist?? It also says that the past can only be known from the evidence of the past in the present time. Fair enough that when one talks about matters, there may be evidence. Solid one. But what about life? And feelings? And other intangible things? What are the evidence? And, as I experience myself, life and feelings are very fluid concepts. And what happens now can easily be wiped away from the heart and the head in some time – depending on the magnitude of the events.

And, that is exactly what I was wondering about. How long would the Past, or events in the Past stay with you?

Some Past stay for a long time.. Some stay even longer than the Present, and perhaps longer than the Future. Some stay short, so short they do not even make it to the Present. Who decides that? You do, off course. No doubt about it. But there are always things that either stop you from doing it, or force you to do it. Which one for which Past, you can almost never tell. Ah, there I go, mumbling again. So I guess I will cut it short here.

Lesson learned: no matter how hard you try to define it, truth is as true as our ongoing conversation about it. I guess the same thing goes with the Present. And the Past. Not sure about the Future though.

*originally published on Facebook Notes, on November 12, 2008

5 thoughts on “The Length of The Past

  1. Some carry their past into their present which at one time was their future.

    No matter what, we all hold onto things that have happened; somewhere in our memories, we go to them when something acts as a catalyst to take us there, or bring them forward.

    So the length of our past depends on who we are and what we decide to let go?

  2. Yeah sometimes that happens to me as well. You want to pass and let go that certain period, or a certain event, but you can’t. Do we hold onto more of the bad than the good?

    Is there a difference in going backwards and being stuck in a certain period of the past?

    If we’re going backwards, does it mean that we at least went forward?

    1. I think we do hold onto more of the bad than the good. Maybe we tend to dramatize? Or, we like to think that we’re suffering – to a certain extent?

      🙂 nicely put: “If we’re going backwards, does it mean that we at least went forward?”

      No matter we want it or not, I think we’re always going forward. It’s just a matter of how to deal with it. no?

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