The Time Traveller’s Wife review

Books = emotion.

Books = long research.

Books = manifestation of your love, life, laugh, and everything in between.

That’s why I believe that a well-written book can help you explore your own self, and end up feeling exactly as the author or the subjects in the story. And this could be just me. I tend to put my emotions into the books that I read. But this applies only for novels – romance or drama, not thriller.

When I read a sad novel, I shed tears. When I read a happy-ending one, I feel the happiness of those people. When I read a tragic novel, I feel devastated. Now, what I feel when I read The Time Traveller’s Wife, is a mixture of all three. I feel sad, and happy, and devastated along the course of lives of Henry and Clare.

Audrey Niffenegger somehow managed to turn a mind-twisting story into something that is somehow colossal and very sweet love story. Henry, who’s having genetic problem and cannot control his presence in time and space, is very much in love with Clare, a sculptress and an ordinary girl.

Their story would be just a regular love story if Henry is not a random time-traveller. He could travel to any time, to any where, for an indefinite time period – but he cannot change the future. What is also interesting and intriguing is how Clare met Henry when she was 6, and Henry was 40 years; but Henry first met Clare when he was 27.

It was very sad to imagine how Clare waited for Henry since she was 6, she always waited for the time when he would popped out from the future and tell her stories about how they would one day be married. And how she waited to actually meet the Henry from the present time – and Henry did not know her. And how she waited for him even after they’re together – when he’s suddenly gone to some place, some time, and she never knows when he would be back.

It was also devastating to know that Henry never wants to leave Clare – but he cannot do anything about it. That every time he time travels – all he worries about is Clare. That Henry is trapped in different places, different times, all the time and he has to be able to survive it every time, or else he may face a grave consequence. And Clare would too.

But it was relieving to know that despite everything – they still live and love happily. That there is even other source of happiness for them beside each other. That there are others who are happy for them beside each other. And, above all that, that such love is possible.

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