Amazingly inspired…

Just now I stumbled upon one blog, owned by a girl that I instantly admire. Alanda Kariza is her name, perhaps some of you have heard of her before I did. I first heard of her while working together with the British Council a couple of weeks ago. Her name was on the list of BC’s references for the inspiring people. She represents Indonesian Youth Conference. Unfortunately, our path hasn’t crossed then because she was away in the UK doing some conference. πŸ˜€

Today, our path crossed digitally. I found her name in a friend’s blog, and clicked the link and was directed to her blog. Full of her nicely-written thoughts. Inspiring – I think that’s the word. On top of the postings was one on “I am amazing because..”.

So here it goes, not for the sake of bragging, but, like she says, “it’s about loving yourself..”

I am amazing because…

1. I am me. As a dear friend, Wigra, stated it, “Nena is an anomaly. You can’t do any benchmarking with her.” I don’t know if this should be interpreted positively or negatively…. But I am happy just to be me.

2. I am always optimistic, but never too ambitious. I think that’s my secret to happiness. I pursue things that I want with lots of good thoughts, keeping faith that however, whatever it turns out to be, it’s the best of it.

3. I do believe in karma, thus I try to emphatize a lot and try to never do things to people, that I don’t want others to do to me. In so doing, I restrain myself from negative things and thoughts. Which, eventually, leads to a happier, stress-free life.

4. Courtesy is in my blood. Or, at least, my attitude and behavior. I respect others as I want to be respected. I smile. I say thank you, excuse me, and sorry. I try to help others. I want to be friends with my pembantu.

5. I believe in sharing. And I also believe that I have received much more than others. So I want to share it, so that others can get as much as I did. My way of doing this is through volunteering at Bina Antarbudaya – helping out with organizing the exchange programs. In my first 2 years of volunteering, I was part of the committee; in my second 2 years, I was part of the committee and a facilitator; and in my last 2 years, I was only a facilitator and a presenter. Would still love to be a part of the committee, but alas, one does have to work full time now… πŸ˜‰

6. I am surrounded by amazing people. They keep reminding me of how amazing life could be, with the amazing things they do – everyday, every time.

7. I spread the positive energy in me to people around me. I am happy most of the time, and even when I am not, I am still rather happy. (??)

8. …and I run out of whys…

Hopefully you can find more reasons why you are amazing than I could.. πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Amazingly inspired…

  1. halo, Kak Nena.. ini Vivien, AFS/YES 05 from chapter Bandung. remember me? hope so! πŸ˜‰ well, this post is inspiring as well, I think I’m gonna make my own list afterwards. anyway, love reading your blog! sukses selalu kak!! =)

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