An effort to be better

So, last week I went to Singapore through Batam, a small Indonesian island nearest to Singapore, and took a ferry to cross over to Singapore. Just like most Indonesians whose primary purpose to go to Singapore is to do shopping, mine was too, except instead of for clothing I went shopping for medicine.

Worry not, it’s not for me. But for someone whom I really love *which makes it slightly more worrying…*. The person has this skin condition called psoriasis, that is not infectious, but it sure is uncomfortable. Psoriasis is very uncommon, and not many people know about it. Sometimes, like in my loved-one’s case, it’s genetic,  hereditary, and stress-induced. It means that she didn’t know about it until it first appeared about 5 years ago – when she was gravely stressed out.

To relieve the condition, we did everything. She quit her job, I try to never be a problem or a burden to her, and since the medication is not available in Indonesia, we had to buy it elsewhere. When I was in Sweden, I bought it and brought it here from there. Now that I am back here, we have to go to Singapore to buy it. And so we did. It’s our effort to make the condition better.

Most of the times, the effort need not be something really big. Most of the times, it is not. It is only one little thing that you change from your everyday to make your everyday less problematic – or less bad. One who constantly put effort to be better will (hopefully, and eventually) be better. Or at least, that’s the thought behind it. As for me, my effort this time takes form in a weekly planner pad that I put on my desk.

Photo 111

It’s an effort to be more organized, more timely. It’s an endeavor to put my mind and my things to-do in a better order. And, ultimately, it’s a strive towards excellence. 😉 *amin to that..*

2 thoughts on “An effort to be better

  1. Kanen, I know this is irrelevant in whatever manner, but where did you get that weekly planner? I am desperate to find one THAT big to put everything in, and in details.

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