Absolut-ly No Label

“In an absolut world, THERE ARE NO LABELS”

Came across this blog this afternoon, and couldn’t help thinking about many things that we put labels on. Girls who look “blond”, guys who looks like a “jerk”, the “gay” guy, the “bitch”, the “cheap” kid. Not to mention our stereotypes and prejudices. Girls care only about fashion, guys love soccer, teenagers are annoying, grandparents are forgetful, boring, and smelly.Oh, and things like, Americans are capitalists and ignorant, Moslems kill people, and Chinese people are cheap.

I try not to be someone with prejudice, and try to cherish differences instead of making it a big deal and a label to others. But I remember those (many) times when I laughed on Russell Peters jokes about Indian people, Chinese people, and other races.

Can I be better than that? Can we be better than that?

Picture 9

ps: it’s quite a good idea for a CSR program… 🙂

2 thoughts on “Absolut-ly No Label

  1. Yet, the preferences that we shape serve us to make efficient choices. Whether to trust someone or not, whether to work with them or not, who we decide we want to marry, for better or worse the experiences and opinions also have their benefits.

    Can we be better? Of course we can. But better how? In what quality do we want to be better? Human thoughts are easily determined by ripple effects – small sparks of ideas that can stay and be big enough to be life changing. Being born an African living in an American world, surely the prejudices she endures would shape a very great proportion of her own prejudices.

    Chimamanda Adichie, an African writer, talks about this paradigm shaping in her TED talk (are you a TEDster? You should be :D). Here’s the video – definitely worth watching when you have the time:

    Cheers Nen,

    1. waaaa Endi.. what a wonderful insight!
      True, our perception is shaped by many things that we may not control of, but then again, the choice is ours, no?

      Am not a real TED-ster, I guess.. I watched some, and really enjoyed them. I guess you are, ya?

      Thanks for dropping by!

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