Going Solo – Lebaran Story Part 2

Uff, finally continuing the lebaran story…

Picture 7Going (to) Solo has always been a part of the Lebaran tradition in my dad’s side of the family (the one in Jogja) since 1994. That year my dad’s father passed away and he was buried in Solo, in a cemetery called Astana Bibis Luhur.

I was never really close to my granddad – whom I called eyang kakung, but for some reasons I cannot quite remember, I cried when I was told that he had passed away. Maybe it’s the thought that I will have no granddad anymore after he passed away. He was my last one. He was also very kind – though he had hearing problem due to an accident a long time ago.

For as long as I can remember, my eyang kakung and my eyang putri (whom I now call eyang without the gender adjective) have always been very different. Eyang kakung had always been the softer, nicer one while eyang putri is the opposite. She is one of the strongest, strictest, most disciplined women I have ever known. And I admire her for that. But during the past 5 years or so, her memory started to wane and she’s very forgetful now.

Picture 4When my cousins and I were small, we applied the Indonesian principle of “bersatu kita teguh, bercerai kita runtuh”, which means together we are stronger than alone. When we were alone facing my eyang putri, we’d be scared of her and her discipline. But when we were together, we could ease up and even make small fun of her.. 🙂 That continues until now, and even applies when we were paying my eyang kakung a visit at his graveyard… *bad grandchildren!!!*

And.. so we were off to Solo in 4 cars, 4 families, all very merry. Presumably due to the togetherness, and less to the visiting my eyang kakung‘s grave. 😀 When we were in Astana Bibis Luhur, we took lots of pictures, told lots of stories, and joked about many things. I think a new cousin in law was rather shocked by this.. Hehe..

By the time the grave visits (not only eyang kakung’s but also other predecessors..), it was lunch time and we were all starving and excited about our culinary experience in Solo. I guess that was an even bigger motivation to go (to) Solo than visiting eyang kakung‘s grave and getting together. 😉

Picture 3The plan was actually to try a local specialty called selat solo – a sort of beef slice with sweet soya thin gravy/soup served with potato and vegetables, in one of the most renowned selat solo warung in Solo. But alas, since it was still holiday period the warung was still closed and we had to take a round in the city to find a restaurant that was open and could fit 20 people together.

We found one! And we immediately went in because everyone was already wanting to eat their stomach out.. The restaurant is called Bogarasa and it looks very nice with a big parking space, a simple garden pond surrounding the main building and a bridge over it. We were happy.

The food ordering went quick. And luckily, the food did not take too much time to be served on our table. So we devoured them all!! Fried rice with salty fish (nasi goreng ikan asin), water spinach with prawn chili (kangkung belacan), broccoli with scallop (brokoli mutiara), friend shrimp mayonaise (udang mayonaise). Yummy! *I forgot to take picture, too busy eating.. :(*

The food was good. It did not take long before it was all gone and we all looked like Homer. The laughs, stories, jokes continued. We all had a good time and we enjoyed the moment that we only experience once a year – the togetherness of the big family. 🙂

Then comes the time to pay… And my dad took the initiative… And my cousin and I took a guess of how much we were going to pay.. “I think we had to pay IDR 1 mill…” “I think we had to pay IDR 1,3 mill…”. The bill came out for IDR 2 mill.

Then we all broke into even bigger laughter. This time an ironic one.


One thought on “Going Solo – Lebaran Story Part 2

  1. That were wonderful moments when my granddad had given much time for me… He was a great granddad. How Proud I am to have a person like him…

    Mizz u mbah kakung..

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