Samarinda: HOT!

So, there was I, in Samarinda for my very first business trip ever. *yay!* It was eventful, for sure. Slightly worse than expected, but then again – what’s good and bad…

Jakarta was already under me at 6.30am on Thursday. I flew Garuda that was suppose to depart at 06.00am, but there was a little bit of a delay, so we left at 6.25am. Not bad, I’d say, for Indonesian aviation time.. 😀 By 7.00am the food was served – I opt for omelette since I cannot eat so much so early. I was lucky to have a nice companion during the flight – a guy older than me – who was giving me all kinds of suggestion on what to do and what to eat in both Balikpapan and Samarinda.

At 9.25am I landed in Balikpapan, from which I am to have a road trip to Samarinda with my friend and colleagues who have arrived in Balikpapan 2 days before. I took a cab to Novotel and paid IDR 45k – a fixed price that was imposed by the local authority. In no time, I was in Novotel, and after repacking my belongings (that consists mainly of the event’s merchandises and photocopied documents) we left Balikpapan for Samarinda.

There were four companions – Nia, Fany, mas Iman and I. The trip to Samarinda took 2,5 hrs. A lovely trip full of laugh and a little bit of sleep.

It was a wonderful journey through the forests of East Kalimantan, with majestic trees that grows beyond our control, bendy but smooth-enough roads that make your eyes widened both because of the great scenery and the slight-sickness in your stomach. Seeing the forests and the many kinds of trees that grow there made us think of how great Indonesia is – but at the same time, how poor we are. In some areas we see smoke and burned soil and flat blackened lands. In other areas we see the fire burning the soils and the vegetations that grow above them. It was almost pathetic.

As we nearing ourselves to Samarinda, the forest grew less dense, and we see some houses scattered here and there

4 thoughts on “Samarinda: HOT!

  1. Jangan lupa sarapan ala Samarinda, Nasi Kuning dengan Ikan/Ayam/Telur bumbu merah…
    Ada juga mi goreng bumbu merah..kalo beruntung ada juga telur penyu rebus dan kepiting tarakan saos super (ini juga ada di balik papan dan bisa di-packing untuk dibawah ke jakarta….

    1. waaahh.. kelihatannya harus balik lagi nih ke Samarinda ya mas Wawan.. kemarin baru sempat makan kepiting kenari yang sampai bikin saya menghabisi kepitingnya sampai landass… 😀

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