A day at the office

One day at the office.

It starts at 8.30, when I walked off my car seat, took my bag, laptop, and my lunch box that is already placed nicely in a small japanese-patterned cloth tote bag. I then walked 10 meters into the orange gate. Many cars are already parked besides my car, and as I walked into the opened orange gate I can see the motorcycles parked inside the garage.

The sound of the water dripping in the little water fountain on the small front yard is audible now. I glanced to my left and see the 10-seaters long wooden table where my colleagues sometimes sit to have lunch or the every-friday-sharing-session. As I stepped on the front porch toward the front door I walked pass the round table with its four seats – I remember sitting here for my first week orientation.

My left hand reached the door knob and turn the door open. The admins are the first people I see. The first smiles and “good-mornings” for the day. My steps then continued towards my desk – in the nice little new media division room with the glass window that separates our room with the main room at the office. After putting my laptop on the table, taking out my notes, pen, and mobile phones, I took my seat.

The day starts with opening my laptop and proceeds to the usual email checking. Today, it continues with some phone calls, press-release writing, blog writing, presentation preparation, some money matters, and some snacks in between. There is usually applets in between as well. The large screen that could blind you should you look too intense and too long at it.

applets in the corner
applets in the corner

The day usually goes faster in the time before lunch. Then lunch come. Today, it is my meal box, plus an additional half-portion of tee-box bakwan. The portion is usually shared with a friend. After lunch, we drove to Cikajang in order to find the oh-so-longed-after pisang coklat seller. Today is, by the way, the second attempt, and still, we failed.

But, the disappointment does not last too long, because when we arrived at the office, the oh-so-helpful admin offered to send the office boy to buy them!! So there we were, as happy as birthday children, ordering the pisang coklat and ice cream (additional, yes), and then went back to our desks to wait… which turned out to end in vain because the pisang coklat was not there (it was finished for today). So, some of us make do with the ice cream and some with coffee. I was in the latter category.

The day moved on to the afternoon, where I started writing again, and finally – writing for my own blog as well. A good news for today: another friend has agreed to SEO my blog! So the SEO-ed blog will be a joint-project for both of us. I will update you on that.

Picture 1

Then the day finally come to an end. It closed off with a tiny problem with a client. That will hopefully be resolved tomorrow. 🙂

Then the clock strikes 6. And I have promised my mom that I will go home now.

Cheerio, folk!

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