Kesempatan itu ada di kaca spion…

The chance lies in the rear view mirror

Literally translated – that’s what it says.

To make sense of what I’m saying, please imagine yourself driving a car in a very packed traffic at the rush hour in Jakarta – or any other big (Asian) cities for that matter.

So you’ve been driving for about an hour, and you have only gone 7 km from where you started off. It’s getting late and you’re hungry. You were accompanied by hundreds of other vehicles – all feeling just as tired as you are. You know you’re only 10 minutes away from home, and you really want to get home as soon as possible. You’re getting more frustrated with the traffic – it’s so packed. All the motorcycles passing you by, cutting your way forward, the car next to you is getting closer and closer to you because the two-lanes street that you’re in now started to get narrow and will soon be a one-lane street.

You start feeling competitive. You lean forward to the steering wheel. You feel like you have more control of your car. You see the left rear view mirror. And then the right. And move forward for about 50 cm. And you see the left rear view mirror. And then the right. And there it was!!! The chance!!! You have approximately 1 m between your car and the back of the car in the lane next to you but the car behind it is still 2 m behind you!!! You turned your steering wheel 180 degrees to the right and took that 3 m space!! YEEESSS!!! You can now move faster in this lane than in your previous lane!!! YEEESSS!!!

And you move another 50 cm. And another. And another.


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